Online Marketing Company

When Edward and Richard started up in 2006, it was just the two of them working in Edward’s basement. They had saved up enough money between the two of them to live off of for about a year and they gave themselves a deadline: make a profit by the end of that year or pack it in and go back to working for somebody else. They would work from sunrise to sunset seven days a week, eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and tea, as they tweaked their marketing techniques and approaches.

After about three months, they finally got their first client: a small-time blackjack site that was struggling to progress. With Edward writing the content and Richard doing the web design, they doubled the site’s customer base in two months and quadrupled it two months later. This required an ever increasing amount of work, so they hired their first employee, Edward’s wife Susan, to do graphic design.

By the way, Susan is still with the company and is still in charge of graphic design. Her expert eye and clever artistic sensibilities drive all our graphics and she has often been named one of the top graphic design experts in the country. Not bad for a former housewife who had no formal training.

At the end of the year, Edward and Richard had made more than enough to consider their little venture profitable. But they knew they needed more customers. So they invested in an office, took the company downtown, and started hiring employees. First, they hired Jacob Nelson as a writing expert so that Edward could focus more on important business matters.

Jacob’s writing expertise gave their content a more diverse and engaging presence. With his help, they reached out to six more companies that year, and made contracts with three of them. The success they had the year before was mimicked in all three companies, forcing more expansion, including more graphic artists, SEO keyword experts, and web design professionals.

In two years, the company had tripled in size and was already bringing in more money than Edward and Richard had anticipated. Without going into excessive detail, they experienced a series of incredible breakthroughs (a viral campaign that turned one casino into the biggest in the world) and setbacks (the collapse of the US online poker market when it was nationally banned), but they’ve steadfastly stood by the principles that they decided on when they formed their company. These principles were defined as the following:

“We work hard for our customer’s needs and keep them involved in every step of the process. We strive for honesty, transparency, and realistic goals that build upon past successes and which helps their online casinos not only succeed, but create an honest communication between them and their customers.”

Honesty and integrity: that’s really what it’s all about with Edward and Richard. So if you’re sick of marketing companies that make a lot of big promises that turn out to be hot air, they are your men. Building a great online and a bitcoin casino presence is a slow, but steady, process that requires a lot of investment and careful work.

Edward and Richard know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and they won’t promise you instant success. However, they do know how to speed up the process as quickly as possible, and in a way that is natural to your company and organic to the realities of online marketing. They and their crew of marketing professionals will work hard to ensure that your company finds a niche and succeeds in it in a major way.