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Is your bitcoin casino struggling to get off the ground or capture the number of customers you were hoping you’d have? You’ve tweaked your marketing approach in several different ways, but you simply can’t draw in enough people to make it profitable. You’ve steadily seen your investment dwindle down to almost nothing, with a few loyal customers being the only thing keeping you from going under.

If you’re just about ready to give up on making it big, please read on to find out how Net Creations Addr can help save your bitcoin casino. We are an online marketing firm that has years of experience working in the online casino industry and we understand how to make your company grow. Our Internet marketing experts will work hard to ensure that you can make a dent in this healthy market and emerge as one of the industry leaders in the bitcoin casino industry.

Who are we

Who are we and why do we stand out from our competitors?

online marketing company started

We are an online marketing company started by brothers Edward Hampton and Richard Hampton. These two are passionate believers in the online casino market and worked for years as marketing experts and executives on various projects and with various companies, helping some of the biggest names in the online casino market make it big.

masters of their craft

While they were masters of their craft, they felt limited by working for other companies and disagreed with many of the old-fashioned marketing techniques they were using. They saw the future of online casino marketing, but knew they could only make it a reality by going their own way. So they finally started Net Creations Addr 10 years ago, and they’ve never looked back.

online marketing

Their mastery of online marketing is based on three different principles which they believe makes any marketing company stand out: dynamic content, a constantly shifting campaign, and mastering new advertising techniques. No matter what the needs of your bitcoin casino, they will find a way to make it succeed using these three methods.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content offers people access to new, engaging, and useful information. This includes blog posts, landing pages, updated design styles, intriguing graphics, infographics, charts, and articles that help make your website look alive, exciting, and worth visiting. It’ll also help it rank higher in searches, but we’ll discuss that more in-depth later.

Shifting campaigns

Shifting campaigns ensure that your marketing approach never gets static or staid. We won’t just focus on the same old keywords, but will actively research keywords to find the ones that work for your business and keep it competitive. You’ll be shocked at how much business you’ll gain simply by having your keywords shifted around here and there and tweaked for success.

Constantly shifting

Constantly shifting a campaign is impossible without actively investing in new advertising techniques. So many companies find something that works briefly, focus on it, and find themselves quickly left behind. We don’t let that happen because we have a team of marketing experts that actively researchers new techniques and integrates them into your campaign. In this way, you’re always one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to finding new customers.

happy customers

Our many happy customers come primarily from the bitcoin casino industry, but we’ve also served Dutch, Indian and German online casino gids websites Nederlandse Gokkasten, www.gluecksspielinformationen.com and www.deutschecasinobonuses.com which was a bit of a challenge considering the language barrier. We also have clients which offer new online casinos and special oranje casino welkomstbonussen, but as mentioned earlier our customers primarily come from the bitcoin casino industry. We also have general English casino industry clients like free slots sites, competitive poker websites, casino free spins no deposit portals, casino reviews, like www.asiancasinoclub.com/review/happyluke/Happistar Thailand and fun88 คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรี. We fully understand the differences between each of these game types and the kinds of people who play them. As a result, we tweak each marketing campaign to be specific to the type of game played.

For example, we advertise the ease of play and the officially licensed machines for slot sites, as most customers there are rather casual. For poker sites we emphasize competitiveness and huge payouts to draw the serious player. In this way, your campaign seems natural and realistic to your business.

In the end, it all comes down to loving what we market and getting involved in an exciting and precise way that guarantees success. When Edward and Richard started Net Creations Addr, they did so out of a genuine passion and love for both marketing and online casinos, and they’ve worked hard to build a business that has helped dozens of companies find their niche in the hyper competitive world of online marketing.