Betfair casino analysis – from a marketing point of view

betfair casino

Betfair casino analysis - from a marketing point of view

The Hampton brothers created Net Creations Addr to help business succeed in digital marketing. Today, we’re going to complete a Betfair casino analysis to share why this online gambling platform has been so successful. Read on to learn about pay per click ads, successful e-mail marketing, and the importance of graphic design.

What is Betfair casino?

Before we begin our Betfair casino analysis, we’d like to share a little more about the history of this business. It was established in 2006 and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In addition to being a reputable company, it’s also quite successful. Software developer Playtech powers much of this top casino site.


Pay Per Click Ads

If you aren’t familiar with the term, PPC ads are an affordable way to reach your target audience. Players in Spain who search for the best online casinos will see ads for Betfair casino. If they click that link and actually visit the Betfair platform, then (and only then) does this website have to pay for the ad. This is effective for budgeting and attracting potential players. However, it only works if ads are designed well. To that end, our Betfair casino analysis proved that the ads contained several key pieces of information, which we cover shortly.

E-mail Marketing

Betfair Casino has also achieved new player sign ups through e-mail marketing. This is even trickier to accomplish, because so many people are willing to ignore their e-mails. Betfair utilized catchy subject lines to encourage gamblers to open the message and discover more.

Information in the Marketing Materials

There were several pieces of information contained in the ads that encourage potential players to check out the gambling website. Our Betfair casino analysis proved that the following tidbits were crucial:


The welcome package at Betfair casino is a huge draw to players in Spain. They offer a match deposit bonus of up to €1000 over the first several deposits. Declaring their generosity first was a great hook to use.


After receiving free cash, potential clients want to know what top casino games are included. Betfair indicated that they offer over 400 games total. This includes online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, bingo, craps, and scratch cards. There is also a live dealer section with a wide selection. By indicating this variety in a brief way, players in Spain are immediately drawn in. They can see that there are plenty of diverse casino games available. Who wouldn’t be interested in so many ways to win real money?

Customer support

The last thing included was a brief list of customer support options. Our Betfair casino analysis noted that marketing success depends on providing a reliable way for new players to ask questions. As such, the ads included the e-mail address, toll-free international phone number, and denoted the possibility for live chat on the website itself.

Graphic Design

Lastly, our Betfair Casino analysis showed that their success improved after a graphic redesign. Their ads were often too boring and didn’t communicate all the exciting casino games available. After improving the color scheme and distribution of text, their marketing campaign was much more successful. We’d like to thank Betfair Casino for allowing us to analyze their promotions and top casino games on offer to create this educational article.